Sup. -looks up- (at Onyx Dr SW)

3 minutes ago


2 hours ago

Ok, look, I’m sorry. When I get upset I say things…..u should kno this… I’m apologizing.

3 hours ago

Tryna get close to $900 for a plane ticket to Laurel, Maryland. Anyone who wants to help or give me ideas, dm me or comment this pic.

3 hours ago

Hm? whose there??? -looks around-

4 hours ago

Thx @_ampharos_ !!!! XD I love the shinies u gave me!!!!

4 hours ago
5 hours ago

Henry ( @skylerblackmoon140 ) I need u……please…….

9 hours ago

Time to fall asleep for a couple hrs. Cya later.

14 hours ago

-sitting on the grass waiting-

14 hours ago